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Tile is an excellent choice to be used in virtually any room.  It continues to be a top choice for bathroom and kitchens, however the rise of artistic tile trends has brought tile features in rooms we’ve rarely considered in the past.  Commercial ceramic tile and stone tile are often found in high foot traffic areas of retail settings, stadiums, public venues, hotel lobbies, and large business offices.  Although the cost of tile can be more compared to other applications, the long-term maintenance costs are reduced because of how easy it is to care for.

The Many Forms of Tile

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • River Rock Stone
  • Stacked Stone
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Natural Stone- granite, soap stone, quartz, marble, travertine, sandstone, slate, onyx, etc.

Why Choose Tile and Stone?

  • Extremely durable, resilient and long-lasting characteristics. Ceramic and porcelain are especially popular for these reasons.
  • Preserves indoor air quality. It carries little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can contribute to a variety of health problems.
  • Broad range of styles, textures, and colors- glazed, full body, 3-dimensional, patterned for a more artistic look, reflective metals, and it can even take on the appearance of other materials such as wood and textiles.
  • Low maintenance. If sealed correctly, tile is great at withstanding liquids and can easily be cleaned with just soap and water.


Grout is used as the filler in the joints between floor and wall tiles and is now more durable and stain resistant than ever.  There are four types of grout: sanded, non-sanded, urethane, and epoxy.  Depending on where the grout is being applied is mainly what determines what type to use.  We often turn to Bostik and Mapei for our grout needs, but other commonly used brands are: Flextile, Custom, and Laticrete.

Sanded Grout

Best for wider grout lines, cost effective, great for flooring and walls, greatest range of color choices, reduces grout shrinkage because it is structurally sound- considered the “go-to” grout.

Non-Sanded Grout

Best for thinner grout lines, great to use with vertical applications, recommended to use with surfaces that are easily scratched, such as certain stones, glass, and specific porcelains and ceramics.

Urethane Grout

Premixed so very little prep time, doesn’t shrink, fade, or crack.  Keeps a consistent color throughout the job, superior stain resistance, and self-sealing.  Can be used in both wall and floor applications.

Epoxy Grout

Made from epoxy resins and a filler powder.  Extremely durable and almost completely stainproof.  Easy to clean, flexible, highly water resistant.  Not compatible with porous tiles, can be used in both wall and floor applications.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is a highly efficient way to heat a house, increasing comfort while it reduces energy costs.  It can be up to 30% more efficient than forced-air heating and is also invisible so it has a high aesthetic value.  It comes in two forms: hot-water “hydronic” systems or electric wires, both of which are buried underneath the floor.

The heating efficiency comes from the waves of thermal radiation that rise from below, warming any object they encounter.  Though the air temperature remains relatively constant, you stay comfortable because the surrounding surfaces aren’t stealing warmth from your body.

The technology used for radiant floor heating has advanced over the years and has become increasingly easier to install under tile and stone.  The flexible hydronic tubes can be installed in a variety of ways: clipped into aluminum strips on the underside of the floor, embedded in concrete, or on top of the subfloor in grooved panels or snap-in grids.  The electric grid panels are easily installed by embedding them into the mortar when you lay the tile or stone.

Radiant floor heating brands most commonly used are: Ditra Heat, MasterHeat, SunTouch, and Nuheat.