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Concrete has long been used in hard working commercial areas such as warehouses and garages, however it has experienced a resurgence in the residential space because of its modern and industrial look that so many people are seeking in their home.  Its surface can be finished in various ways using different colors, stains, and aggregates; and can be given a textured surface or buffed until glossy.  Concrete flooring is a more comfortable option now as well because of the ease of installing radiant floor heating.

Why Choose Concrete Flooring?

  • Durable and long lasting- it is extremely tough and resilient and can withstand pressure and scratches from heavy equipment, pet claws, furniture legs, high heels, etc.
  • Sustainable- In most cases, a concrete sub-floor already exists beneath another flooring material and can just be refinished in the desired look or color.
  • Low maintenance. It will need to be sealed or waxed every 3-9 months depending on the level of traffic in order to maintain the protective layer.
  • Variety of design options- concrete can take on different colors or textures depending on the desired look, and can also be sealed in an array of sheens.
  • Since concrete is often used as a sub floor, as long as it is free from holes, bumps and defects, it can have nearly any floor surface installed over it at a later date.