The cushion you choose to lay under your carpet is just as important as the carpet itself.  It is considered the “foundation” of your carpet.  Carpet cushion minimizes noise, maximizes warmth, and extends the life of your carpet.  There is a variety of cushion choices available, depending on the underlay you’re working with.

Rebond is the most popular type of carpet cushion sold today.  It is made from reclaimed high-density urethane foam, which is bonded together to form carpet cushion.  It is offered in thickness ranging from 3/8” to ½”, as well as varying pound densities.  Rebond cushion is an extremely cost-effective choice for carpet cushion.


Rubber cushion is the highest quality pad you can put under your carpet.  It is moisture resistant and won’t act as a sponge with spills, pet accidents, or moisture generated by a concrete floor.



Felt is extremely durable and provides a firmer underlay that is often used in commercial applications, with short-pile and Berber carpets.  Felt pad has also become one of the most effective types of rug padding available today.



Memory Foam cushion is one of the most luxurious carpet pads on the market because it is energy absorbent and soft.  It molds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight, making it an extremely comfortable surface to walk on.  It is typically installed in residential spaces where people are looking for comfort over long lasting value.