If you are a property manager, you probably understand the challenges of selecting the right flooring.  When looking for the right option for a tenant fit out, you want to find a product that will offer you an updated look that will fit your budget and hold up well for your new tenant.

At Pillar, we are dedicated to help you select the perfect flooring material to suit your budget and time frame.  We have a private showroom so you have access to all the different flooring options we offer.  We have crews for all different project sizes and can work diligently to meet all your timelines.

Recommended Flooring for Tenant Improvement Projects

The most popular flooring choice for tenant improvement projects is luxury vinyl.  It is extremely durable, cost effective, quick and easy to install, and is known as the master imitator when it comes to looking and feeling like other natural materials, such as wood or stone.  It's currently one of the most popular materials on the market so it will look current, but it will also last over the course of multiple tenants because of its durability.  If installed and maintained correctly, vinyl can last up to 25 years.

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