There are three general categories for sanctuaries to consider when choosing flooring for their worship facility.

The categories include:

  • worship only
  • worship with food/beverages allowed
  • multipurpose use, including worship, fellowship, cafes, and/or fitness activities

If food and beverages are allowed in the sanctuary, a stain repellent material or one that is easy to maintain would be the best option.

Recommended Flooring for Worship Facilities

Carpet is a very popular choice for sanctuaries across the county. It provides warmth, noise reduction, slip resistance, and comfort under foot.  Noise reduction is especially important when it comes to the acoustics in the room.  A hard surface on both the floors and walls could result in a space that gets too loud during singing and instrumental worship that you can’t hear yourself talk.

Although carpet makes sense in a lot of areas, there are certain spaces that beckon for hard surface flooring, especially multi-purpose gathering areas.  A hard material works well for the high-abuse area and under movable chairs.

Concrete is cost effective since it’s already present in the space and the staining process and maintenance are very budget friendly.  Unique floor designs can be inexpensively achieved by purchasing color additives to mix in with concrete, or by tossing in colored glass and other materials. These materials set with the concrete and become visible once the floor is polished, portraying a one-of-a-kind look.

A combination of materials such as stained concrete and carpet could be used in the sanctuary as well because they help with the acoustics and are easy to maintain.  Material combinations have become popular in these spaces because they are easier on the budget and durable for high foot traffic.

Another commonly used flooring material is LVT (luxury vinyl tile) because of its durability and easy maintenance.  Coming in the form of a tile (or a plank) also makes it easy to replace sections that have experienced more wear and tear than the rest of the floor, which saves time and money.