For years, carpet was the #1 choice when it came to multifamily properties because of its low cost and easy install.  However, the importance of cleanliness and low maintenance materials has turned the trend towards hard surfaces.

Hard surface flooring generally makes spaces look larger and more pleasing to the eye, therefore installing one hard flooring material throughout a multifamily unit can also increase the marketability for years to come.

The flooring that you choose for a multifamily building should be common throughout all units, making it even more impactful on your overall budget and time.  It needs to be extremely durable, cost effective, and easy to replace and maintain.

Recommended Flooring for Multifamily Housing

Durability, maintenance, and cost are three determining factors when it comes to choosing flooring for multifamily dwellings.  Across the country, multifamily developers and owners are now installing luxury vinyl or wood laminate in their communities because they meet most of the needs of a multifamily space.  From clubhouse common areas to apartment kitchens and living rooms, these faux wood flooring options are appropriate for almost any room of an apartment or condo community.  They are also a great choice for an area where water is present, such as laundry rooms and bathrooms because of their nearly waterproof quality.

Not only are these harder surfaces durable and stain resistant, they also feature innovative design possibilities that imitate natural surfaces such as stone and wood.  The combination of beauty and performance are making these options the #1 choice in the multifamily industry.

Ease of Installation and Repair

The ease of installation and repairs have also contributed to the rise of wood laminate and luxury vinyl.  Luxury vinyl tile and planks are much more durable than the cushioned-back sheet vinyl of the past and have a longer life than carpet. Moreover, using tiles and planks—instead of replacing vinyl or carpet with professional crews—makes repairs much more cost-efficient and can be performed by on-site maintenance personnel.  Repairs are even easier when a glue down application is used because each plank or tile can be easily removed, allowing a new one to be installed, instead of having to replace the entire existing floor.  If vinyl is installed properly, it can last up to 25 years.

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