The type of flooring that welcomes guests can have a powerful effect on how they feel about the facility because it conveys who the company is as a brand, as well as their overall vision.  The flooring must fit into the overall design and show a sense of cohesiveness throughout the building.  Ultimately, it’s an investment to help create an atmosphere that contributes to a great customer experience and brings visitors back again and again. The right flooring will not only look great, it will also need to perform well against extremely heavy foot traffic, rolling loads, food consumption and consistent chemical cleaning.

Popular Materials and Trends

Bold, exceptional materials are often found in entrances and hotel lobbies, with more standard but highly durable flooring in other common areas, corridors and hotel rooms. Some traditional high-end finishes in entries have used stone tile, ceramic and wood flooring.

Today, luxury vinyl is the new innovative material that has emerged to marry all the requirements that a hotel may have – heavy wear and tear with unique design possibilities at budget friendly prices. LVT (luxury vinyl tile) has gained popularity because it is available in new shapes and sizes, and the digital graphic imaging allows it to take on a natural look and feel, such as stone or wood.

One-of-a-kind carpets with intricate patterns are also popular because they add an element of design that isn’t necessarily replicated anywhere else.  Carpet tiles are generally used to create these looks since they are available in a variety of unique shapes and sizes, including rectangles, hexagons, and even planks.  They are also much easier to maintain and replace– whereas broadloom would require extensive cleaning or full replacement.