Why Luxury Vinyl is Taking Over Our Floors

Who doesn't want a floor that does it all?!  Looks amazing, feels amazing, withstands Godzilla like forces, is waterproof, AND is affordable.... We'd like you to meet, luxury vinyl.

Vinyl has experienced a huge resurgence in the flooring world and is practically the #1 choice for both the commercial and residential markets.  This is greatly due to its durability and lower price, as well as the incredible design options available.  The technologies used when creating vinyl now have it resembling stone, wood, or really anything we can dream up.  The look as well as the texture mimics natural materials and will leave you questioning why you would choose anything else. Commonly referred to as LVP or LVT, depending on if you are referring to a plank or tile form, is a great choice for nearly ANY space since it often carries a waterproof warranty.  Being waterproof, this also means it is pet proof and with 68% of US households owning at least one pet, this brings even more value to the new age vinyl.

To name just a few of the awesome benefits of luxury vinyl:

  • Known as the "master imitator" due to new and innovative design possibilities with digital printing technology.
  • 3 easy ways to install- Saving time and money.
  • Floor and wall installation- Providing even more design options and versatility.
  • Cost effective- Usually one of the least expensive flooring options.

3 Easy Installation Methods

Glue Down

The glue down installation method involves the use of an adhesive to adhere your luxury vinyl flooring to its base — making it a long-lasting installation approach. The adhesive creates dimensional stability that ensures the flooring maintains its natural characteristics. The glue down method involves two distinct types of adhesives: hard set and pressure sensitive.


People questioned this method as “too good to be true” but flooring manufacturers did their research and made the dream come true.  Loose-lay installation is an adhesive-free system that can either be installed directly over the sub floor, or by using a cushion or vapor barrier system. Loose-lay vinyl has a heavy fiberglass backing that allows the sheet to lay flat on the floor without glue.  The planks or tiles are dimensionally stable which means they will not expand or shrink depending on moisture levels.  There is no need for an expansion gap since the loose-lay material is so thick and heavy, once it is installed it will stay in place.  Securing the material with double-sided tape at edges will prevent it from curling, and larger spaces will likely require a grid of adhesive tape applied to the sub floor to ensure the flooring stays put.


This method of install gained its popularity from laminate years ago and continues to be a top choice for installing luxury vinyl.  In this case, the luxury vinyl planks are interlocked as a "snap together" system and typically "floated" over most existing floors.  No glue, special skills or tools are needed; therefore, saving a lot of time and money on installation.

Which Brand Should I Choose?

With so many brands on the market, it’s best to first establish the thickness you need, as well as the type of install you desire.  Different brands offer different thicknesses so understanding the one that will serve your space the best should help narrow down the selection.  Budget is always a key factor as well since you’ll find varying prices across the board.  Some of our favorite brands include: Karndean, Engineered Floors, Armstrong, Metroflor, Burke, and Evoke.

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